USW Condemns Trump’s Selling Out U.S. Industrial Workers, Applauds Biden’s Revocation of Trump’s Actions

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United Steelworkers (USW) International President Tom Conway released the following statement in reaction to a last-minute Trump administration proclamation intended to grant the United Arab Emirates (UAE) the opportunity to ship state-supported aluminum products into the United States, effective Feb. 3, 2021. After reviewing Trump’s action, President Biden stepped in and revoked it.

“President Trump’s action as he was rushing for the White House door constituted a blatant attack on American workers.

“Section 232 restraints helped shore up sectors like aluminum that are vulnerable to unfair trade and clearly essential to our national defense. The USW supported the initiation of these efforts so that America’s aluminum companies and their workers could meet our nation’s national security and critical infrastructure needs.   

“Trump’s plan to lift tariffs on imports from the United Arab Emirates would undermine the effectiveness of the program and essentially exempt the vast majority of aluminum imports.

“If Trump’s actions were allowed to become effective, UAE’s state-supported aluminum producers would have had the right to flood the U.S. market, resulting in new trade attacks on our industry.

“In short, as he was walking away from the White House, Trump demonstrated that his concern for American workers was a façade and that he was willing to sacrifice their jobs and security.

“We applaud President Biden’s decision to revoke Trump’s sell-out of America’s aluminum workers. 

“President Biden said he would stand by America’s workers, and he’s kept his word. During the campaign he committed to reviewing the existing 232 programs as well as how best to strengthen America’s economy and manufacturers and stand up for America’s workers. Now he’s following through.  

“Our union looks forward to being a continuing partner with the new administration as together we fight for America’s workers.” 

The USW represents 850,000 workers employed in metals, mining, pulp and paper, rubber, chemicals, glass, auto supply and the energy-producing industries, along with a growing number of workers in health care, public sector, higher education, tech and service occupations.

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