Next Generation Leader from District 7 Elected as Commissioner

Justin Willis, a Next Generation leader from USW Local 7-507 in District 7, was recently elected as Commissioner for the Village of Bridgeview in Cook County, near Chicago.

The Oilworker: April 2019

In this issue: How using health and safety contract language could prevent repeat problems in the industry and information to help your local commemorate Workers Memorial Day.

Organize an Event to Commemorate Workers Memorial Day

Workers Memorial Day is on April 28, and is commemorated both before and during that week. Now is the time to start planning an event to remember those killed and injured on the job and as a result of occupational illnesses.

Recent Incidents Point to Using Health and Safety Contract Language to Prevent Repeat Problems in Oil Industry

This industry sees damage to its public image, what we see is injury to workers. We as USW-represented workers can help shape the safety culture in our workplaces.

Safety and Health of Our Members is Key

Safety and health concerns of our members in the workplace is paramount to the success of USW District 9.

Stat Facts: Long-term care workers experience high rates of violence, low rates of reporting incidents

A survey of more than 1,000 long-term care workers in Ontario found almost half regularly experienced physical violence on the job. Click here for more in this week's Stat Facts.

Trish Buckingham - USW District 7 PAC Contributor

Trish contributes to PAC because she sees how the working class is under attack...she wants to help be the change.

Leo Gerard talks solidarity against hate on Leslie Marshall

President Leo W. Gerard joined Leslie Marshall this week to talk about the connections between alt-right organizations, their sowing of hate, and how they do this with the financial support of billionaire elites who fund these efforts to divide workers.

Prepared Statement of Leo Gerard for the Steel Caucus Hearing on the State of the Steel Industry

Click to read the full statement of Leo Gerard, United Steelworkers International President, for the Steel Caucus Hearing on the State of the Steel Industry.

Testimony of Holly R. Hart for the Subcommittee on Trade of the Committee on Ways and Means

Testimony of Holly R. Hart, United Steelworkers Assistant to the International President, for the Subcommittee on Trade of the Committee on Ways and Means hearing on “Trade and Labor: Creating and Enforcing Rules to Benefit American Workers.”

SOAR Story: Gary Gaines, Chapter 7-34-2

Gary Gaines' SOAR story

Red Cross Contract Raises Wages, Preserves Health Care

Members of Locals 254 and 9287 are working under a new contract they ratified late last year that preserves affordable health care and raises wages in each of the three years of the deal.

Union and Community Leaders Push for Georgetown Harbor Revitalization

USW Local 7898 President James Sanderson from Georgetown Steel, Georgetown, South Carolina, in conjunction with local and state leaders, has renewed the push promoting Georgetown Harbor and Port.

Local 288 in Tennessee provides training to area youth

Unity and Strength: Why membership is so important

District 7 Director Mike Millsap shares with us his thoughts about why unity and strength are so important in our union. Click here to read.

Possible District 10 Bass Tournament

Director Bobby “Mac” has asked Jeff Kipe and Mike Lapsansky to see if there would be and interest in having a Bass Tournament for the members of our District.

Stat Facts: March 11, 2019

Click here for the March 11, 2019, Stat Facts healthcare workers newsletter.

Occupational Safety and Health Commission Upholds Ruling on Workplace Violence

Local 9899 Donates to Saginaw Veterans Hospital

The Oilworker: March 2019

In this issue: A message from NOBP Chair Kim Nibarger; more on the how the three-year pattern agreement advances National Oil Bargaining achievements; and relevant news from the oil industry.