Dave McCall discusses the link between inflation and corporate greed on the Leslie Marshall Show

USW International Vice President Dave McCall appeared on the Leslie Marshall Show this week to discuss the ways in which corporate greed is fueling inflation.

Price gouging impacted nearly every sector of the economy, McCall said, leading to huge profits for many corporations, while working people suffer.

“It's an issue that we really need to come to terms with as citizens in this country, to stop this kind of gouging that the corporations get away with,” said McCall.

While corporations rake in the profits, they’re lining stockholders’ pockets with billions in dividends and buybacks.

“It's always about stockholder value,” said McCall. “How about what's good for our economy and good for working people and working families in this country?”

Oil and gas companies are intentionally limiting gasoline production to keep prices high, McCall said. Grocery chains like Kroger and Albertsons and food companies like General Mills are also reaping huge profits while consumers pay the price.

Broken supply chains are partly to blame. Yet these, too, are caused by years of corporations outsourcing production overseas in order to cut costs, McCall said.

Producing the goods and services we need domestically with union labor is one major way to make sure working people receive a fair cut of the profits companies pull in.

“The real way to have a growing economy is having people go into work making a decent living,” said McCall.

“Instead of being angry with each other all the time, we got to think about working together and think about who the real enemy is -- some of these corporations that are unbelievably raking in the profits.” 

Click below to listen to the full interview with Dave McCall about inflation and corporate greed.

USW New Media · What Greedy Corporations Don't Want Working Families To Know About Inflation

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