Against All Odds, Steelworkers Prevail in 2022 Election!

The long list of pro-worker victories from the November 8 election continues to grow, particularly in states where Steelworkers devoted a lot of time and energy in recent months.

When we launched our 2022 electoral program in August, our union focused our efforts to elect pro-worker lawmakers in competitive state legislative districts, congressional districts, and states where voters were set to choose their next governor or United States Senator.

Undeterred by the polling, and the knowledge that midterm elections are historically difficult for the incumbent president’s party, we set out to defend those legislators who have helped secure monumental pro-worker victories, which include:

  • a massive win on retirement security that protected the pension benefits that 120,000 active and retired Steelworkers had fought for and won at the bargaining table;
  • the passage of the once-in-a-generation infrastructure bill that will mean continued investments in Steelworker jobs, the products we make, and the services we provide;
  • a new, pro-worker vision in the Department of Labor and the National Labor Relations Board that has already helped more workers achieve the protection of a union contract;
  • and more.

On election night, USW-endorsed candidates were declared victorious in:

  • Pennsylvania, where voters overwhelmingly elected a governor, Josh Shapiro, who has consistently pledged to defend union rights. Further, voters across the Commonwealth elected John Fetterman to the United States Senate. He has walked countless picket lines with striking Steelworkers and has made clear that he is an unwavering ally of workers. Pro-union representatives were also elected in a number of very close Congressional races, including Chris Deluzio (CD-17), Susan Wild (CD-7) and Matt Cartwright (CD-8);
  • Michigan and Minnesota, where voters delivered pro-worker majorities in the state House and Senate, along with reelecting pro-union governors Gretchen Witmer (MI) and Tim Walz (MN). This is especially historic in Michigan, where this had not been accomplished in nearly 40 years; and,  
  • Ohio, where voters not only reelected longtime allies like Marcy Kaptur (CD-9), but also chose to increase the number of pro-worker Congressional representatives with the election of USW-endorsed candidates like Emilia Sykes (CD-13) and Greg Landsman (CD-1). While his campaign for the U.S. Senate came up short, our close friend Tim Ryan garnered national attention for his relentless focus on the need to strengthen unions and rebuild Ohio’s middle class.

Our union also celebrated our contributions to the successful campaigns of close friends like Jahana Hayes (CT-5), Wes Moore (Gov.-elect, Maryland), Wiley Nickel (NC-13), Jeff Jackson (NC-14), Laura Kelly (Gov. of Kansas), Angie Craig (MN CD-2), and Lina Hidalgo, who won a very competitive campaign for her second term for Harris County Judge (Texas).

In the following week, close races were also decided in:

  • Nevada and Arizona, where pro-worker Sens. Catherine Cortez Masto and Mark Kelly were reelected, assuring a labor-friendly majority would continue in the chamber. USW members and retirees were also engaged in the successful effort to reelect Maggie Hassan (New Hampshire) to the U.S. Senate; and,
  • A number of important Congressional races, where vote totals confirmed victories for our friends Frank Mrvan (IN-1), Nikki Budzinski (IL-13), Hillary Scholten (MI-03), Elissa Slotkin (MI-7), Dan Kildee (MI-8), and many more.

This is far from being a complete list of all the reasons Steelworkers are celebrating the outcome of the 2022 midterm election. But, we wanted to share this list of victories because we are proud of the tireless work of USW members who, against all odds, helped ensure an election outcome that will mean working people will be well represented in local, state and federal government.

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