Tom Conway Discusses Infrastructure on The Leslie Marshall Show

United Steelworkers International President Tom Conway appeared on The Leslie Marshall Show this week to discuss the USW’s new We Supply America campaign calling for infrastructure investments that would improve safety and support quality jobs. 

Conway and Marshall discussed the opportunity for bipartisan action as many infrastructure elements in the United States – from roads and bridges, to schools and electrical grids – require sustained investments to build or repair. 

“I think this is really an important turning point for us as a nation, as a people, to make an investment in ourselves, to build what we need going forward, to give ourselves the tools that we need to return to a thriving economy, and one that provides opportunity for people across all regions,” said Conway.

Conway also spoke about the growth of good, family-sustaining jobs that would accompany an infrastructure project that focuses on fostering domestic manufacturing and rebuilding long-neglected supply chains.

“We’ve got to build it here, make it clean,” said Conway. “I think Americans should expect nothing less.”

“That investment comes back to us in the form of paychecks, work, good jobs and strength in our communities,” Conway said.

To listen to the full interview about investing in American infrastructure, click below.

USW New Media · Tom Conway Discusses Infrastructure on The Leslie Marshall Show - 2 23 21

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