Steve Sallman discusses OSHA and Build Back Better plan on the Leslie Marshall Show

USW Director of Health, Safety and Environment Steve Sallman appeared on the Leslie Marshall show this week to discuss the vital role the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has had in protecting workers since 1970, and the Build Back Better Act currently awaiting passage in the Senate that would enable OSHA to expand workers’ protections.

Throughout its four decades, OSHA helped save the lives of many workers by implementing safety standards, monitoring workplaces for compliance, and instituting anti-retaliation provisions for workers who speak out.

Unfortunately, previous administrations have rolled back support for OSHA, which hindered enforcement activities and made it easier for employers to get away with violations.

“An employer has to provide employees with a place of employment free from recognized hazards that are capable of causing injury, illness and death,” said Sallman. “You can't paint every employer with one brush, but there are those who just simply have a blatant disregard for worker health and safety. They see people as a disposable workforce.”

Sallman said the current administration has steadily bolstered safety standards, including issuing an emergency temporary standard for health care workers exposed to Covid-19, but a more permanent solution is necessary to ensure all workers are protected well into the future.

The Build Back Better Act currently awaiting approval in the Senate would enable OSHA to keep workers safe from a variety of hazards by expanding its budget and increasing penalties for workplace health and safety violations.

“For some employers, I believe they think that OSHA and safety is a cost of doing business,” said Sallman.

“There’s got to be some skin in the game, or some consequences for these employers. So, raising the citation penalty amount is going to get some peoples’ attention.”

To listen to the full interview with Steve Sallman, click below:

USW New Media · Steve Sallman discusses OSHA and Build Back Better plan on the Leslie Marshall Show

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