Tom Conway discusses Trump’s anti-worker NLRB on The Leslie Marshall Show

USW President Tom Conway appeared on the Leslie Marshall Show this week to discuss the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) under President Trump, which regularly rules in favor of corporations and against workers.

The current NLRB facilitates union-busting, Conway said, by systematically chipping away at long-established rights and practices which allow workers to organize for better lives.

“The NLRB was originally meant to encourage people to join unions and work collectively with each other,” Conway said. “This board is now putting it all on the side of the employer and making it very difficult – if not impossible – for workers to be able to come together and have discussions.”

This includes changes that make it harder for workers to organize, such as allowing employers to withhold workers’ contact information from union organizers and to discipline those who mention organizing while at work.

Trump-appointees on the NLRB include corporate lawyers John Ring and William Emanuel and GOP congressional staffer Marvin Kaplan. The board’s general counsel, Peter Robb, is a longtime anti-union, management-side attorney that has set in motion many of the NLRB’s anti-worker stances.

“This president is no friend to workers, and in particular no friend to unionized workers,” said Conway.

“Frankly, I think our way out of this is to vote and get everyone you know to vote with you. The division in this country will heal up when we don’t have someone who drives that division as a tactic for staying in office.”

To listen to the entire interview about the anti-worker NLRB under the Trump administration, click below:

USW New Media · TConway discusses Trump’s anti-worker NLRB on The Leslie Marshall Show 8 25 20

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