Tell the Senate We Need a Better Solution!

The Senate has finally released a proposal for COVID-19 relief.

The package is called the HEALS Act, yet the bill will heal nothing and only hurt working people and our families.

The relief package proposed by Senate leadership on July 27 is $2 trillion short, 73 days late, and woefully short of what is needed.

The HEALS Act:

As COVID-19 continues to threaten our lives and our livelihoods, we are counting on the Senate to pass the next much-needed stimulus bill, but it needs to have workers’ best intrests in mind.

Priorities like a temporary OSHA emergency standard and help paying for COBRA coverage for those out of work are already included in the HEROES Act, which was passed by the House in May and is a drastic contrast to the Senate bill.

The HEROES Act isn’t perfect. It contains a provision called the GROW Act, for example, that would make it easier for employers to stop their contributions to multiemployer pension plans, putting workers’ retirement security at risk. We are urging Congress to remove it.

However, the HEROES Act provides crucial aid to Americans fighting to pay their bills and ensures that local governments can continue providing police, fire, and other essential services.

It also gives health officials the resources they need to conduct COVID-19 testing, track community spread, and fight the infection rate, while researchers work furiously on a vaccine.

We Need Continued Action!

The Coronavirus Pandemic is showing no signs of stopping and our members’ jobs, and in some cases lives, are on the line. The HEROES Act will offer Americans relief. 

Click Here to tell your Senator to pass a better stimulus bill today!

You can also contact your Senators using our toll free number: 877-607-0785.

NOTE: Your zip code will direct you to your Senator. Tell the office who you are and where you are from and ask the Senator to pass the HEROES Act. Be sure to make a second call to speak with your other Senator.

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