Join our Solidarity Forever virtual sing-along!

Quarentine and social distancing may be physically keeping us apart, but our solidarity will never be broken. To help us show the world what it means to be #UnionStrong and to help us spread some joy and light, join us for our Solidarity Forever Virtual Sing-Along.  

Participating is easy!

  1. Look over the shortened rendition of our union rallying cry, "Solidarity Forever," and familiarize yourself with the lyrics below. Watch the video of our sister Elise Bryant, Executive Director of the Labor Heritage Foundation, for an example.
  2. Use your phone or table to video record yourself (or others) singing selfie-style (try to be in a well-lit environment with little background noise to be sure we can hear your beautiful voice!)
  3. Upload your video using our upload tool by clicking here.
  4. Share our social media posts so we can get as many people as possible to participate!
  5. Have fun and be creative!   

Check back for the finished product on our Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram pages. 

Solidarity Forever Lyrics

When the union's inspiration,

Through the workers' blood shall run,

There can be no power greater,

Anywhere beneath the sun!

Yet what force on earth is weaker

Than the feeble strength of one?

But the union makes us strong!


Solidarity forever!

Solidarity forever!

Solidarity forever!

For the union makes us strong!


In our hands is placed a power

Greater than their hoarded gold!

Greater than the might of armies

Magnified a thousand-fold!

We can bring to birth a new world

From the ashes of the old!

For the union makes us strong.


Solidarity forever!

Solidarity forever!

Solidarity forever!

For the union makes us strong!

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