Letter to Local 11-418 from the Bargaining Committee - July 14, 2020

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Brothers and Sisters,

Several members have reached out to the Local 11-00418 bargaining committee over the weekend with concerns following an e-mail from 3M regarding their recent contract proposals. We wanted to clear up any confusion this message might have caused.

Over the 75 years that we have been operating as a union with 3M, we have worked well with the company, but recent changes in management, under lead bargainer Patrick J. Somers, have resulted in new – yet unsurprising – tactics at the bargaining table.

One of the many benefits of establishing our 3M Council comprised of rank-and-file members is that we are connected with the eight other USW locals who bargain with the company. Through these conversations, we have been able to spot patterns, and this recent e-mail is definitely part of the 3M’s larger strategy to delay and divide. 

For example, our union siblings at the Tonawanda plant in New York are currently working past their agreement’s expiration date, under an extension through mid-August, as they complete their negotiations.

And in Alabama, fellow USW members began their latest bargaining session in the early fall of 2019, staying the course through more than eight months of management’s attempts to wear them down. Their vigilance and discipline paid off, and they ratified their contract two months ago in May 2020, after working under an extension of their previous agreement.

It’s clear that offering extensive proposals that take significant time for our committee to sift through has become a part of the company’s game plan, and we are prepared to meet it here in Minnesota with a defense of unity and perseverance. We too can achieve a fair contract if we stick together.

The bargaining committee will be working diligently at the table over the next few weeks, and perhaps months, to ensure that our new contract reflects our essential contributions to this company. As the wheels that keep 3M moving, we deserve nothing less.

We know from experience that we can do anything when we keep our eyes on the prize and remember our solidarity is our greatest asset. It wins every time.

Part of this solidarity means making sure we all stay connected, so please make sure you sign up to receive bargaining updates by texting USW418 to the number 77820.

We will keep moving forward, one bargaining session at a time, and we will reach the finish line with the strong contract you deserve.


Stay safe, siblings.

Your Local Bargaining Committee

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