June Update from SOAR Director Julie Stein

Voting During COVID-19

Casting your ballot in-person on Election Day might be how you’ve always voted.  However, we’ve also never seen a global health pandemic like the coronavirus, which could in all likelihood be a real obstacle to in-person voting come the November election.  Luckily, that does not mean you should expect any difficulty in voting. 

Did you know that in 36 states you don’t even have to turn out to the polls on Election Day to cast your ballot?  Instead, a growing number of states are going to great lengths to protect voters, expand access, and ensure everyone can vote regardless of who you are or what your barriers to in-person voting are. 

Making voting easier for everyone isn’t a partisan issue.  Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have been elected in states that allow for no-excuse/absentee mail balloting.

If anyone wants to make the false claim that “convenience voting” favors a particular political party, then they aren’t being honest.  “Convenience voting” favors voters.  Period. 

It can be confusing to think about all the different ways Americans vote.  But, finding out how you can vote most easily isn’t difficult at all! 

In fact, the USW has developed an easy online tool for our members and families to find out more information about voting in your state.  You can link to this tool and search for your state by going to www.uswvoices.org/state-voting-information

If you have any difficulty using the above link for any reason, you can call the Int’l SOAR Office toll-free at 866-208-4420, and we would be happy to assist you.

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