ATI Bargaining Update: Subcommittees Focus on Important Issues, Keep ATI at Table

Our USW negotiating committee met again with ATI this week in Pittsburgh and has formed subcommittees to focus on several important issues while keeping the company engaged at the bargaing table.

Composed of local and international leadership and USW staff, subcommittees that met this week included: Health Care, Incentive, Office and Technical, Contract Language and Health and Safety, among others.

In the coming days, subcommittees will discuss and refine the union’s position on each issue, and as bargaining continues, their work will help narrow down the last sticking points.

As contract expiration approaches, remember that our solidarity is the surest and shortest path to a fair contract that acknowleges the important role generations of Steelworkers have played in the ATI’s longevity and success.

Be sure to show your support for our committee by picking up our latest campaign support stickers and window placards at your local union hall or see your local Contract Action Team.

In the meantime, we will share information throughout the process, and again, as always, we urge you to work safely and to keep each other safe on the job.

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