Stat Facts: Aug., 6, 2019

Locked-out members at CarePartners holding strong

On May 31, CarePartners locked out approximately 30 USW Local 2020 Unit 79 members, who have been on the picket line ever since.

The members, holding strong throughout this struggle, now need your help. Please sign this petition to demand the Government of Ontario’s Ministry of Health, which largely funds CarePartners, step up and force management back to the table!

How Black Pharmacists Improve Care

There are all kinds of gaps in our health care system when it comes to black and white patients. Black men and women, for example, are at greater risk for illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

There’s also a cultural gap, and it makes a big difference when black patients seek medical help.

Only 6 percent of doctors and 7 percent of pharmacists are black. That means black patients are more likely to be treated by someone who doesn’t look like them or share their experience. And multiple studies show that when patients feel like their social, cultural, and racial backgrounds are acknowledged as part of their medical care, they can see better health outcomes.

In Illinois, though, some of that care is being provided by independent, black-owned pharmacies.

Take a listen to a podcast on The 21st by Cara Anthony, who reported on this for Kaiser Health News. This episode features Dr. Lakesha Butler, a professor of pharmacy practice at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and president of the National Pharmaceutical Association, as well as Bernard Macon, who works as a computer programmer and lives in O’Fallon, Ill. wh his wife and two kids.

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