Working People’s Day of Action

On Saturday, February 24, 2018, thousands of people will unite for events in 20+ cities nationwide to defend our freedoms to fight for decent and equitable pay for our work, benefits that support us, and the secure future that we all want.

It’s also a day to push back against a rigged economy that is too often stacked against us. We’ll be joining the AFL-CIO, Jobs with Justice, and many others for this day of action. If you’re near one of these events, we hope you can join in!

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Fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. joined striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee as they fought for the freedom to join together in a strong union and be treated with dignity and respect at work. Public employees were carved out of the National Labor Relations Act, so they were forced to fight at every level of government to demand protections for their right to organize and bargain.

Today, those rights and more are on the line. In state after state and at the national level, we’ve seen efforts to roll back hard-won protections for collective bargaining for both public employees and for everyone who works in the private sector. This day of action comes just two days before the Supreme Court hears arguments in a case called Janus vs. AFSCME. That case seeks to silence workers’ voices by making it harder for public employees to organize, build solidarity, and assert their rights.

When people have the freedom to speak up together through unions, we make progress, securing family-supporting wages, improved safety on the job, quality healthcare, and better retirements. The policies we advocate for benefit union and non-union workers alike. The stronger our unity is, the better off we all are. This day of action is one more way we speak out.

Can you make it?

We encourage those who participate to wear your USW gear and share photos online, tagging @Steelworkers and using the #USWUnity hashtag.

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