#USWMade: Why are so many Flipping for Fiestaware?

Flippers. That’s what you call people who religiously turn over plates and other ware to look for a stamp from Homer Laughlin, founded in 1871.

As you can see in this video, the Homer Laughlin logo represents over 100 years of craftsmanship, artistry and pride. From fine china to colorful Fiesta dinnerware, this ware is proudly made by the 600 members of USW Local 419M in Newell, W. Va. Homer Laughlin and Hall China comprise the HLC Inc. family of companies, and a diverse range of lead-free commercial dinnerware, including the popular Fiesta dinnerware

Like many other domestically made products, Homer Laughlin ware used to be found everywhere, but lesser-quality and cheaper imports have had an impact. When we visited the 37-acre manufacturing facility in Newell, we were struck by the commitment of the company and the workers to produce ware that's not only beautiful, but safe and durable.

"Turning simple clay into dinnerware is our art," Homer Laughlin says.

USW members, most of whom have worked at Homer Laughlin for more than 20 years, spend their days hand-molding, painting, designing and inspecting Fiesta dinnerware, fine china and other products.

"When you buy Fiesta ware or china at Homer Laughlin China Co. you're not only buying the finest quality ware, you're also supporting quality people and manufacturing jobs," said Thomas Hubbard, president of USW Local 419M. "As you can see people have been in here 50, 40, 30 years. They get up and do this every day. You don't get up and do a job every day if you don't want to make sure it's the right way to do it."

So the next time you’re having a meal, flip your plate to see if it’s #USWMade! 

USW Made: Fiestaware

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