How You Can Support Exxon Workers In Australia

To our dear Brothers & Sisters in the United States of America,

I write to you following our recent trip to Houston TX January 11th to 16th 2018 and thank you for your support & hospitality given us while visiting. I also thank you for your messages of support to us and our families since returning home.

We have just reached 236 days of continuous 24 hour, 7 days per week striking against Exxon Mobil/UGL and know our fight is (and will be) a long drawn out battle between everyday working families & the 6th Biggest Company in the World, but this is a fight we cannot (and will not) afford to loose.

With no end in sight, it is no doubt our next milestones will be 250 & 300 days. Soon after 365 days (or 1 year). However, we are determined to continue “Standing Up & Fighting Back” for as long as it takes.

Sadly, this does have a huge impact on our wives & our children. They are the unfortunate victims who pay the ultimate price when it comes to a fight like this. Many of you kindly asked us about our families while visiting the USA and we thank you for your thoughtfulness to ask.  We are delighted to report that they have been massively uplifted by your show of unity, solidarity and support. Thank you.

We were also very humbled as many of you asked how you can help us. For this we are eternally grateful. Here is a small list of things you could do to help us.

  • Financial Support – We have two options available should you feel touched to assist us in this area. The first; a personal donation via The second, a group/worksite donation being collected & donated via IMT - International Money Transfer. Our bank account details for this are available here. Please Note: You may need to contact me directly for the account address to be used with IMT (For privacy reasons, we are unable to publish this on our website).
  • Send a letter to the CEO of Exxon Mobil – We have drafted & template resolution letter for your convenience. Should you like to send a message of dissatisfaction to Darren Woods, CEO Exxon Mobil - Please see attached.
  • Share a Solidarity Video or Message of Support – Using your’s or your union’s Facebook. It would also be great if the Exxon Mobil (Workers) Council were able to take a video/photo before or after to their meeting with management.
  • Share a Photo or Tweet a Photo/Message – @AusGasWorkers #AusGasWorkers using our selfie sign - Please see attached.
  • Hand out a flyer or Forward this email – To someone else you know who may like to support us.

If you are available to provide support in any of these area’s, we would be most gracious to you.

By doing so, you will also ensure the continued support to our families while we continue to “Stand Up & Fight Back” for as long as it takes.

Please feel free to contact me or +61 419 358 196 for any further information.

I personally thank you for your support.

In Unity & Solidarity,

Troy Carter
AMWU Shop Steward
ESSO/UGL Dispute Australia |

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