District 9 Hosts Rubber and Plastics Industry Council

Delegates and USW staff from across North America attended the 7th annual Rubber and Plastics Industry Council (RPIC) conference last week to review the state of the rubber and plastics industries, discuss important health and safety matters, share information about individual locations and to discuss the impact of trade on the industries represented. The RPIC Advisory Board Members were also unanimously elected, those members are Ken Frankforther, Local 207L; Brock Hatlevig, Local 715L; Jody Jaurez, 307L; Todd Hastings, Local 745L; and Steve Vonk, Local 310L.

USW District 9 Director Dan Flippo hosted the conference in Murfreesboro, Tenn., and Tenn. AFL-CIO President Billy Dycus welcomed delegates and guests. Chad Apaliski from the USW presented detailed industry and trade information important to the delegates and members they represent.

Check out photos from the conference below.

7th USW Rubber and Plastics Industry Conference

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