USW Vice President Fred Redmond Talks Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission on The Leslie Marshall Show

USW Vice President Fred Redmond talked last Friday on The Leslie Marshall Show about the Trump administration’s recent formation of a voter fraud commission led by Vice President Pence. This commission has been tasked with investigating what President Trump claims to be “widespread voter fraud,” but the real fraud, according to Redmond, is the investigation itself.

“The evidence of any voter manipulation is nearly nonexistent,” said Redmond. “This commission, we believe very strongly, was put together for the sole purpose of legalizing voter suppression.”

Strict voter ID laws and other draconian voter suppression measures have been enacted in large numbers in many states over the past few years that specifically target communities of color, the elderly, and young people. And in Kansas, the voter fraud commission’s co-chair Kris Kobach proposed one of the strictest of these laws as secretary of state.

“Part of the president’s hand being shown was the appointment of Kris Kobach,” said Redmond. “The aggressive tactics that he used in Kansas were a clear sign when he was appointed to this position of what this commission is all about.”

Last week, the commission asked every state to hand over personal information regarding their registered voters, which has already prompted many people to remove their names from the rolls out of fear. Fear, Redmond attests, is one of the few methods left for the GOP to deploy in order to win seats and has prompted the party to seek to limit the number of people able to vote.

“Over the years, it’s been a Republican philosophy that they’re better served if fewer people are able to vote,” he said. “The party feels as though the people they’re trying to suppress are demographics who tend to believe more in the philosophy of the Democratic party. It’s about trying to disenfranchise people who aren’t in their base.”

Redmond reflected on the many people who died for the right to vote, many who were marginalized due to the color of their skin, their sex, or their ethnicity. This right, as a basic tenant of our democracy, is one he believes we cannot afford to lose and is one we must strengthen, not limit.

“Voting is all about debating ideas and people voting for the candidate who best represents their interest,” Redmond said. “We have to be vigilant and make sure that this president won’t prevail in his efforts.”

For a recording of the entire Leslie Marshall Show interview, click here.

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