Landry Delivers Message of Solidarity to Chemical Workers in Brazil


International Vice President at Large Carol Landry brought a message of USW solidarity to the convention of Brazil’s National Confederation of Chemical Workers CNQ/CUT, held July 11-14 in São Paulo.

“We must stand together against attacks on working people in Brazil, in North America and everywhere in the world,” Landry said.

Brazilian workers are facing a massive right-wing political assault. As the CNQ convention was being held, a judge brought criminal charges against union leader and former Workers' Party President Lula da Silva in an attempt to disqualify him from running again for the presidency next year.

Meanwhile, Brazil's Congress approved a law that undermines collective bargaining rights and forces Brazilian workers to put in more years to receive a pension, despite the millions of workers who have taken to the streets in protest. 

CNQ President Lucineide Varjão Soares called on workers to continue to resist the attacks.Ladies

“Workers everywhere in the world must organize. The companies are already organized, and we must confront them,” she said.

Delegates from the oil, chemical and petrochemical, paper, rubber, mining and pharmaceutical industries heard speakers from the former progressive government, union leaders across all sectors, and civil society organizations. All talked about the need to unite and to build a strong resistance that stands for all working people and their communities. The delegates also approved a plan to move forward on a merger with the textile and garment sector.

Landry spoke to the delegates about recent attacks on workers’ rights in the United States, including proposals to repeal the Affordable Care Act that could leave tens of millions of working Americans and their families without insurance.

Landry also met with partners in the chemical and paper sectors and visited a BASF plant in São Bernardo do Campo, where, following a strike, the local union was able to establish a Factory Floor Union Commission with an office inside the plant.

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