·  by Scott Marshall, District 7 SOAR Activist

District 7 SOAR to Governor Rauner: “Do Your Job!”

In June, District 7 SOAR members joined other unions and retiree organizations in picketing Illinois’ Republican Governor Bruce Rauner; when he was meeting privately with corporate executives and local Chamber of Commerce officials at a local establishment in Chicago.

In an attempt to evade the press and our picketing, Rauner tried to sneak out the back door of the establishment. As we chanted, “Do your job! Do your job!,” his security detail rushed him into his limo and then raced down the alley. District 7 SOAR involvement received some great coverage on the local news following the ordeal.

Throughout his first term, SOAR members in Illinois have been active in protesting Rauner’s attacks on labor. Rauner has pushed a whole raft of anti-labor “reforms” including allowing local governments to opt out of collective bargaining. For three years he’s refused to negotiate a state budget which has resulted in many state workers being laid off and the subsequent loss of vital social services for the poor and seniors.

We have our work cut out for us, and you can be sure that we are going to continue to confront Rauner at every turn, and alley.

Pictured are SOAR members: Scott Marshall, at far left; Linda Ruxton, SOAR 31-9, holding the “We need a budget now!” sign; and, next to her, Jim Lange, also SOAR 31-9.

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