Beijing hotel deal proves Trump's tough trade talk is cheap

In his 2011 book, “Time to Get Tough,” Donald Trump refers to China’s leaders as “our enemy,” and since announcing his candidacy for President, he has promised to stop unfair Chinese trade from continuing to decimate American industries, costing millions of jobs and leading to thousands of shuttered factories.

However, a new report from NDTV shows that even while proclaiming that, "We shouldn't entertain Communists and beg for a few tiny contracts," Trump’s Hotel chain negotiated a deal to manage a Beijing property worth between $100 million and $150 million over 15 years with China’s State Grid Corporation, a huge state-owned enterprise.

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It’s unclear how many other of his businesses are dealing with the Chinese Communist government, but the NDTV report details a number of deals Trump has pursued with state-owned enterprises and further points out that New York's Trump Tower houses the American headquarters of ICBC, China’s biggest bank.

In the wake of recent revelations from Newsweek that Donald Trump used Caribbean shell companies and other tricks to buy Chinese steel and aluminum to build his American skyscrapers, it’s become clear that we simply cannot trust him.

Trump desperately tries to appeal to Midwestern working class voters with promises to stand up for American workers and bring manufacturing jobs back to Ohio and Pennsylvania, but he sold out those very workers, their families and communities to save a few dollars on cheap building materials from Shanghai and Guang-Dong. 

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