Next Gen Steelworkers Working to Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful

pic4Submitted by Local 10-00086 Next Generation Chair John Beidler

United Steelworker Next Generation Co-Coordinator and Chair for Local 10-00086 in Philadelphia were trying to find ideas to give back to their community. Jimmy Ford and John Beidler have been working with an active group of young workers at their local to get involved.

“We want to have a presence in our neighborhoods around where we work at Merck Pharmaceuticals,” said Ford. “So John and I asked the group for suggestions and ideas.”  

Sue Heffner, a member of our Next Gen group told them about the Adopt-A-Highway program.  The idea sounded awesome but unfortunately Adopt-A-Highway did not support the township roads around our plant site. 

Their next thought was maybe they could adopt and maintain all four roads surrounding our entire plant site (3 miles of roadway). It sounded like a project that would allow residents to take notice of the work being done by community-minded Steelworkers.

After doing some online research, John contacted Stephanie Larson from the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Program who helped to fill them in on the process. After discussing the project with his Local Union President, they decided to partner with the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Program.

“President Mark “Isy” Snyder has been a great supporter of the Next Generation initiative and has made it possible for our group to accomplish many of the ideas and goals for the movement,” said Beidler.

“Unions need more press to show people worldwide the good work we do, on the job and off,” said Beidler.  “And I’m proud of the work done by our members.”

Beidler sent a friendly challenge out to Steelworker friends Coordinator Jim Johnston and Next Gen Chair Mark Simko near Pittsburgh saying “We have more ideas in the pipeline but I don’t want to show all of our cards to our brothers out on the western side of our district. “

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