Bargaining Resumes

Company Refuses To End Lockout

Our USW Local 235A bargaining team resumed negotiations with Sherwin Alumina representatives this week. We entered the two days of negotiations hopeful – as we have been throughout this process – that we could reach a contract agreement that is fair to both sides and puts our 450 hard-working members back on the job.

Unfortunately, the company has a different agenda. It’s clear that Sherwin still wants to bully and intimidate us until we agree to the company’s unreasonable and unnecessary demands for deep cuts in pay and benefits. The company came to the table with a proposal that made only token progress, and flatly refused the local union’s proposal to end the lockout in the spirit of the holidays, as we continue to negotiate.

This is a highly profitable company, and the market for its product is improving. There is simply no reason – other than greed – for Sherwin to continue to keep its doors locked on these workers. It is bad for the workers, their families and our entire community.

It wasn’t that long ago that Sherwin said its workers were like “family.” The holidays are a time when family members open their doors to each other, a time to put aside differences and celebrate our common humanity. Sadly, Sherwin is determined to act as Scrooge this holiday season and keep its “family” locked out.

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