What is a union and why does it matter?

A Union is a group of people working together to improve their work lives through collective bargaining.

What difference would a Union make?
Having a Union means that you can collectively meet and negotiate with management over any issues that affect you and your job, including wages, benefits, and working conditions. A Union contract is a legally binding document where these agreements are put in writing. Having a Union gives you a stronger voice in working with management to make the company stronger, more prosperous, and better place to work.

Who runs the Union?
You do. The Union is a democracy at every level. You elect your negotiating committee and leadership for the local, district, and international union. Our Union is made up of thousands of people like you -- standing together to make a difference.

Aren’t there already laws that protect us?
Laws governing employment, safety, discrimination, and overtime all exist because millions of Union members fought for them. A Union grievance process ensures that everyone is treated fairly and equally, without favoritism and discrimination. A Union contract, with the aid of Union resources and staff, ensures that these laws and rules are enforced.