District 11 Charley Richardson Educational Institute - Ruttger's


Click here to download the call letter.

This year’s District 11 Charley Richardson Educational Institute (Ruttger’s) has been scheduled for September 15-20, 2019 at Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge in Deerwood, Minnesota. 

A confirmation letter will be mailed to each registered student in late August. The basic subject matter for years 1-4 will be: 

1st Year – A Basic Introduction to Unions 
2nd Year – Building Your Skills as a Union Leader 
3rd Year – Building Effective Local Union Action 
4th Year – Arbitration Preparation and Presentation 

It is recommended that you take the classes in consecutive order beginning with the first year. The entire program is designed to complete each class in chronological order so that you may get the full benefit from the Educational Institute. 

Class will conclude on Thursday afternoon with the Awards Ceremony taking place after dinner that evening. Sleeping rooms will be available Thursday night and breakfast will be served Friday morning followed by the Mock Arbitration, which will conclude by approximately 11 a.m.

Please inform your registrants that it is required that they attend the Educational Institute in full and to plan on attending through the Mock Arbitration on Friday morning. 

We would again like to remind you that Ruttger’s has a rigid cancellation policy that locks us in to a specific number of attendees in advance. Please be very specific in your roommate preference when filling out your registration form as it is difficult to make last minute adjustments. Any changes, cancellations or additions of participants should be reported to the District Office by Friday, September 6, 2019.


Cost for locals who participate in the District 11 Education Fund

For those attending the five-day training, the cost of the school will be paid out of the Welfare and Education Fund entitling each participating local to send one student (double occupancy) for every $725 per year contributed to the fund. Any local union member requesting single accommodations will be required to pay an additional $200. A check in that amount for any single requests must accompany the registration form. 

Any lost time and expenses will be the responsibility of the local union. 

Cost for locals who DO NOT participate in the District 11 Education Fund

Day student only rate includes breakfast, lunch, breaks and dinner. Any lost time and additional expenses will be the responsibility of the local union. 

Please fill out the registration form with the student information for this year’s Educational Institute and return, along with your registration fee (if applicable), to the District Office BEFORE July 19, 2019. Late registrations will be accepted based on housing availability. 

If you have any questions, please call Joyce Russotto at (612) 623-8045. 


The agenda for this year’s Educational Institute will be broken up into 1-3/4 hour blocks of time offering more subject matter for each year. All students are expected to attend through the conclusion of the Mock Arbitration.

Sunday, September 15 

4–6 p.m.: Check-In and Registration 
6–7:30 p.m.: Dinner 
7:30–8:30 p.m.: Orientation and Social Hour, Isle of Pines room 



Each year, local unions have donated items such as shirts, jackets, hats, etc. to be given away as door prizes on the last night of the training at Ruttger’s. 

If your local has any items that they could contribute toward the door prizes, please have one of the participants from your local bring them to the training. It would be greatly appreciated!