District 2 Council and By-Laws

District 2 Council Resolution #1

Inaugural Unifying USW District 2 Council Enabling Resolution Creating a Unified District 2 Council

WHEREAS, the historic merger of the Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers International Union, AFL-CIO•CLC (“PACE”) and the United Steelworkers of America, AFL-CIO•CLC (“USWA”) provided a new foundation for building power for working families, and

WHEREAS, it is critical to build on that foundation by continuing and expanding the work of the predecessors Councils that worked within the jurisdiction of what is now known as District 2 to assure that the social, cultural and economic interests’ of our members are protected and advanced; and

WHEREAS, it is understood that the key to our success can be found in increasing participation in all District 2 activities including our educational initiatives, Health and Safety, Organizing, Rapid Response, Women of Steel, Civil Rights, Political and Legislative efforts, as well as Social and Legislative Programs, to mention a few, while providing the best workplace representation; and

WHEREAS, building power for our members and movement requires an informed and active membership, we will improve and expand our educational programs through the District 2 Council, and ensure that these programs are relevant and more accessible to our activists. We will continually evaluate the effectiveness of the programs being offered against the standard of whether they build member activism and power.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED the delegates assembled at this Inaugural 2007 USW District 2 Conference on March 17th and 18th in Green Bay, Wisconsin enthusiastically dedicate ourselves to the goal of Building Power to serve our members in District 2 by building the most informed, educated, activist membership in the Steelworkers’ Union; and hereby support combining the strength and solidarity of the former PACE Region X, PACE Region IX, Michigan Council of Locals and USWA District 2 Councils into one single entity that will serve all members in District 2, Wisconsin and Michigan; and

THEREFORE, BE IF FURTHER RESOLVED, that the delegation of this Conference supports and adopts the new District 2 Council, and the by-laws in their entirety, as drafted and amended from its predecessor organizations as the successor to each of the former entities; a Council that will emerge much stronger and more unified through its solidarity and its abilities to educate, service and Build Power from this day forward.

Submitted: March 2, 2007

Amended: April 16, 2014

Click here for District 2 Council By-laws.