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Yes, Sean Hannity, Most of Obamacare IS 'Wildly Popular' -- Among Republicans

Bob Cesca Author, “One Nation Under Fear”

During a healthcare "town hall" episode of Fox News Channel's Hannity, Christian Dorsey from the Economic Policy Institute blasted a gaping hole through Sean Hannity's anti-Obamacare bubble. Toward the end of a segment, Hannity repeated the same old whiny "Obama lied" meme about keeping your plan if you like it.

Dorsey interrupted Hannity and reminded him that many parts of the law are wildly popular, and began to name those parts: ban on discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions and so forth. Then Dorsey said, and accurately so, that the things Americans don't like as much were indeed Republican ideas which the Democrats incorporated into the law: the exchanges and high deductible plans. By the way, he didn't mention the individual mandate, which is also a Republican idea.

Hannity smiled and mocked, "Wildly popular?"

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