Celebrating Mom with Union Made gifts

For wisdom and TLC, nobody does it like mom. So when shopping for a Mother’s Day gift, consider grabbing something off our list of ethically made blooms, bon-bons, bubbly and beauty products. You’ll be guaranteed to get a smile and a warm hug.


See’s Candies
Russell Stover

Champagne and Wine
Arbor Mist
C.K. Mondavi
Charles Krug
J. Roget
Gallo Estate
Peter Vella
Scheffield Cellars
Turning Leaf

Dove Soap and Beauty Products
Caress Skin Care
L’Oreal Paris

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An Invitation to Sunny Miami. What Could Be Bad?

Sam Pizzigati

Sam Pizzigati Editor, Too Much online magazine

If a billionaire “invites” you somewhere, you’d better go. Or be prepared to suffer the consequences. This past May, hedge fund kingpin Carl Icahn announced in a letter to his New York-based staff of about 50 that he would be moving his business operations to Florida. But the 83-year-old Icahn assured his staffers they had no reason to worry: “My employees have always been very important to the company, so I’d like to invite you all to join me in Miami.” Those who go south, his letter added, would get a $50,000 relocation benefit “once you have established your permanent residence in Florida.” Those who stay put, the letter continued, can file for state unemployment benefits, a $450 weekly maximum that “you can receive for a total of 26 weeks.” What about severance from Icahn Enterprises? The New York Post reported last week that the two dozen employees who have chosen not to uproot their families and follow Icahn to Florida “will be let go without any severance” when the billionaire shutters his New York offices this coming March. Bloomberg currently puts Carl Icahn’s net worth at $20.5 billion.


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