Where Right to Work is Wrong for Workers

Last week, West Virginia politicians passed a measure they called “right to work” because they want to be absolutely sure all West Virginians have the right to work.

Twenty-five states assure their citizens the right to work.

And 25 don’t. Shocking, right?

But for some reason, in those 25 that don’t, people still work! And they earn more money. And they get better benefits.

For those out there living under a rock, states with “right to work” laws are those that allow workers at unionized workplaces to reap all the benefits a union negotiates for them without paying a cent to help cover the costs.

These are also the same states that have lower wages, fewer workers with health insurance, and more dangerous workplaces than states without “right to work” laws.

Sound absurd? That’s because it is.

Absurdity is the Republican party’s favorite theme as they continuously wage their war on workers. They disguise their true intent of maintaining massive economic inequality with flashy declarations of “these laws create jobs” and clever wording like “right to work.”

Yes, all workers should have the right to work. And they already do.

Workers also have the right to not be fooled. They have the right to a living wage. They have the right to be safe.

These laws do the exact opposite.


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