Election 2016: Members Speak Out

Ron Bowser
Local 13300

Ron Bowser, 49, of West Sunbury, Pa., has been a union member for 29 years and president of USW Local 13300 for the past 11. He works for Indspec, a division of Oxychem, which produces a bonding agent for tires.

“I am married and have two children, and this election is important to me because of their future. I don’t want a president who only thinks about his comments after he has made them. You just cannot be a leader and insult people the way Donald Trump does. Voting for Donald Trump because you don’t like the status quo is like jumping off a cliff to change where you’re standing.”

“Hillary Clinton has proven over her long career that she cares about people and that she has definite plans for raising wages and improving communities.”

“I chair United Way for Butler County and have seen firsthand that when wages are stagnant and we lose good paying jobs, communities suffer. Hillary Clinton understands that steady, good-paying middle-class jobs are the backbone of strong communities. And you know what Donald Trump said? ‘Wages are too high.’”


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Stronger Together