Election 2016: Members Speak Out

Linda Deane
Local 4-900

Linda Deane, 64, a paper worker from Livermore Falls, Maine, works for Catalyst Paper in Rumford, Maine, and is a member of Local 4-900, where she is a shop steward, member of the executive board and Women of Steel coordinator. Linda has been a union member for 38 years.

“There are two reasons this election is important to me. One is Social Security. The Republicans keep wanting to privatize Social Security, which I think would be a disaster.

“Equal rights and equal pay for women are also very important to me. It’s a problem I never had because I worked with a union and I didn’t have to worry about equal pay. But I know of other industries where you don’t have a union and it’s a big, big issue, and it’s not right.

“I would also like to see the minimum wage improved. Raising the minimum wage will help the middle class and allow people to move into the middle class. It would bring back the American dream. Improving trade laws and getting good trade deals would definitely help the middle class.

“I believe Hillary will address all of those things.” 


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