Election 2016: Members Speak Out

John Franke
Local 2635

John Franke, 45, of Johnstown, Pa., works for Johnstown Wire Technology where he is a member of USW Local 2635. He has been a USW member for a decade. He is vice president of the local and president of his unit.

“I want to retire. If they pass bad trade, my place is done, we are out. That is the main reason I support Hillary Clinton. I could go on for hours. Plus I don’t like Trump. His signs are everywhere in my area, but I know the facts on him. I just don’t like him. The difference is I am educated on him.

“Hillary Clinton supports labor and she supports unions. She votes on our side all the time. She has supported unions her whole life. I don’t think she will change all of a sudden now.

“Trump has not paid his contractors and did not support unions at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. Our district conference was in Atlantic City, and I picketed with those guys down there. And they are going to shut it down now. And then Trump has the nerve to say he is for unions, yet he won’t let his workers in Las Vegas unionize.”


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