Election 2016: Members Speak Out

Al Smith
Local 54

Al Smith, 39, of Fulton, N.Y., is president of Local 54 at a Huhtamaki paper plant that produces ice cream cartons. He is married with two children, both girls, and has been a USW member since the PACE merger in 2005.

“Obviously, being president of a local union, the election is important as far as labor goes and talks on overtime and those types of things. As far as being a parent, trade is a huge deal for me and my family. I work in a paper packaging plant and it wouldn’t take much to move. The machines can go up anytime.”

“Hillary’s stance on trade is huge for me. That she is against the Trans- Pacific Partnership trade deal is a big deal. And her positions on equal pay and women’s rights for women are near and dear to me as a father with two girls. The best way to have equal pay for women is to be organized and have union labor.”

Smith said Clinton could help the middle class through her infrastructure and jobs program and with labor-friendly appointments to the National Labor Relations board and other agencies that affect the workplace.

“She has a strong jobs plan. Her infrastructure program will create jobs, union jobs,” he said. “Labor is a big part of the middle class.”


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