Victory! We Stopped Fast Track (for Now)

Here’s the good news: Your hard work stopping Fast Track has paid off. We’ve told you all the many reasons Fast Track is a terrible idea for workers, our economy and our democracy. The AFL-CIO and its member unions filled Capitol Hill with ads showing how Fast Track hurts real people, as part of our “No Fast Track” campaign. Unions partnered with dozens of other organizations to fight Fast Track. Together, we organized a week of action. We asked you to do everything you could to convince Congress not to vote for Fast Track, and you delivered—more than 700,000 petition signatures, thousands of calls and hundreds of thousands of emails to members of Congress, 20 rallies and town halls in targeted districts around the country and countless posts and tweets on social media.

And it worked. Congress heard more than 1 million voices against Fast Track during our week of action, and it has taken us a long way toward making sure that the lame-duck Congress doesn’t make this mistake.

Here’s the bad news: Fast Track is being pushed by some very powerful corporate interests. There’s no doubt they’re going to try again—if not this year, then with the new Congress in 2015. With your help, we stopped them a year ago, and we’ve stopped them now. If you haven’t already, go to and sign our petition. Tell us how bad trade deals have affected you. And read other workers’ stories.

If you're in Charlotte, N.C., on Dec. 1 at 6:30 p.m., a forum will be held on trade deals and what working families need to know. Contact the North Carolina State AFL-CIO for more info: 919-833-6678.


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