Unity in Copper: ASARCO Attacks Our Contract, Unions Demand a Fair Deal Now

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Your Bargaining Committee met with Asarco on June 18-19 in our ongoing efforts to achieve a fair deal which rewards the skill and hard work we bring to the job every single day.  Asarco presented us with a deeply concessionary proposal which seeks to gut our contract and strip us of the rights and protections that we have achieved in the past.

Under Asarco’s insulting proposal nearly two-thirds of our members would see no pay raise.  Zero.

The company’s lowball proposal works out to less than 1 percent in average yearly raises across the entire workforce and 63% of the workforce would receive nothing! They are pitching pennies at us while profiting from our labor.

Asarco’s proposal contains significant increases to employees’ monthly contributions while jacking up the costs of deductibles and co-pays.  The USW has presented the company with a health care plan which will ensure quality and affordable care while saving the company more than $1 million.  Asarco rejected our proposal.

The damage to our standard of living doesn’t stop there.  Asarco has put forward a revised copper price bonus plan that sets targets which are unlikely to be met and which will result in no bonus payments.

The company proposes a series of take-a-ways that includes successorship language which protects us if the company is sold.  Asarco wants to put an end to Contract Coordinators working to support our members and stand up for contract protections.  They even want to go after FMLA.

None of this is acceptable.  We need to stay strong and united and deliver the message to management that we will never stop pushing and fighting for a FAIR CONTRACT.