Nov. 14, 2019: Membership Update

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Bargaining with ASARCO Yields No Progress

Our union negotiating committee met with ASARCO as scheduled on Thursday, Nov. 14, and as expected, the company has not changed its previously rejected demands for major economic and non-economic concessions.

We remain committed to the collective bargaining process and will continue our good faith effort to resolve our differences at the table, but management must first understand that we are united in solidarity for a fair contract.

USW District 12 Director Bob LaVenture Will Be Missed

As you may know, the USW, our committee and the international labor community unexpectedly lost a great leader and beloved friend this week in USW District 12 Director Robert (“Bob”) LaVenture. His leadership and dedication to serve union members and workers will be missed throughout North America and around the world.

In particular, Bob worked tirelessly to ensure ASARCO management was held accountable to pay the Copper Price Bonus to the men and women the company wrongfully withheld it from, and thankfully, he succeeded.

We owe him more than words and can only hope to repay him for his lifetime of service by continuing his most important work.

Unfair Labor Practice Strikers Cannot Be Permanently Replaced

It is illegal to permanently replace or threaten to permanently replace employees who are on an Unfair Labor Practice strike. The decision on whether our strike is an Unfair Labor Practice strike will be made by the NLRB.

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