Issue 13: May 6, 2020

ASARCO Exposes Amarillo Community to Unnecessary Risk 

As our photo below shows, ASARCO management is exposing the Amarillo community to health risks as the company tries to operate the facility without union members during our unfair labor practice strike. 

Visible emissions from the Rod Line as management operates ASARCO Amarillo. 

Visible emissions, a term meaning air pollutants in sufficient amount to be observable to the human eye, have been seen and documented from the picket line multiple times. 

During these events, deep-red-to-black plumes were released for continuous periods longer than an hour. 

Opacity is a measure of how much light is blocked by the visible emissions plume, and according to ASARCO’s air operating permit, emissions from the rod furnace stack should not exceed 20 percent opacity averaged over a six minute period. 

After these events, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has issued notices of violation for failure to comply with their permit. 

We will continue to work with regulatory authorities and push for responsible operations that our community deserves.  

Solidarity is our strength! 

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