Call and tell National Grid to put safety before profits!

National Grid has taken the irresponsible and unnecessary action of locking out more than 1,200 highly skilled USW gas workers in Massachusetts, even though we were willing to do our jobs while contract negotiations continued.

The natural gas used in our homes flows through over 21,000 miles of pipes running under our streets, towns and cities. Massachusetts’ natural gas pipeline system is one of the oldest in the country, with some sections having been installed over 157 years ago.

Old pipes made of outdated material tend to have a higher likelihood of leaking. In fact, in 2017, there were 15,829 unrepaired leaks in Massachusetts. Not only are gas leaks dangerous, but according to a 2013 report, gas leaks account for between $640 million and $1.5 billion for gas that never actually reaches Massachusetts customer’s homes.

The United Steelworkers Locals 12003 and 12012-4 represent over 1,200 gas workers in Massachusetts. We protect and maintain key infrastructure and repair dangerous gas leaks in cities and towns across Massachusetts. However, we currently are not allowed to do this crucial work because National Grid has demonstrated it is more concerned about its bottom line than community safety.

Call National Grid at 781-907-1000 and tell them to end the lockout immediately!

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