Tell ExxonMobil: It's Time To End The Lockout

On May 1, 2021, ExxonMobil locked out its skilled and experienced union workforce at the company’s refinery and blending and packaging plant in Beaumont, Texas.

Because of ExxonMobil’s unfair labor practices, the USW believes the company’s implementation and enforcement of the lockout against its workers to be illegal.

The members of USW Local 13-243 cannot and will not allow the company to starve families into accepting concessions that undermine our occupational health and safety and job security as well as our seniority rights.

Now, the company has chosen to place our community at risk by prolonging its unfair labor practice lockout and trying to operate our facilities with replacement workers.

ExxonMobil is holding our jobs and community hostage instead of bargaining in good faith for a fair contract, and we must hold the company accountable!

Join us to demand that ExxonMobil management stops breaking the law and starts negotiating in good faith so that the members of USW Local 13-243 can return to their rightful jobs with a fair contract.

Call (972) 940-6000 and tell ExxonMobil to end the lockout in Beaumont!