Fighting for Jobs at Carrier

On February 10, Carrier Corporation and its parent company, United Technologies, abruptly announced to its dedicated workforce of 1,400, that their jobs were headed for Mexico.

This company has been highly profitable, raking in over $7 billion in profits in 2015 - enough to reward the company’s outgoing president, Gregory Hayes, a salary of over $10 million.

Carrier’s financial success was achieved because:

But that wasn't good enough. Now, because of corporate greed and bad trade laws, this highly profitable company plans to pay Mexican workers poverty wages estimated at $3.00 an hour, while continuing to sell their product to a US market.

Local, state and federal officials and the United Steelworkers have all offered to work with Carrier management to find ways to address the company’s financial concerns and keep these family-sustaining jobs in Indianapolis, but Carrier has chosen to continue its short-sited plan to move the facility to Mexico.

Carrier’s greed seems boundless - with callous disregard for hard-working families that made it successful.

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