USW Action Guide for Raising the Bar on Women’s Health and Safety

This action guide, initially developed by the USW Canadian National Office and National Women’s Committee, is a resource to view workplace hazards through a women’s lens. It gives members the tools they need to address women’s health and safety concerns.

Through collective action and solidarity, our union can raise these topics to the forefront. A safer workplace for women means a safer workplace for all, regardless of gender or identity.

We urge all health and safety activists to raise the voices of women workers and use this action guide to address these vital issues. Protecting safety and health on the job is a USW priority, and it’s essential for the future of our union.

This action guide is organized into different sections that address a specific challenge or hazard facing women workers. We conclude this action guide with a section on other Action Tools, including a discussion process for talking with women about health and safety and the Menopause Hazard Assessment Checklist.