What We Have To Offer

The United Steelworkers Press Association (USPA) has many editorial tools to help you attract your readership or viewers to help you not only inform but entertain, motivate, stimulate and unite the membership of your local.

From the USPA password protected website members can obtain:

  • weekly downloadable stories,
  • over 150 high resolution downloadable logos and special graphics,
  • over 200 downloadable cartoons with new cartoons added monthly,
  • labor quotes for adding a bit extra to your newsletter,
  • seasonal and special graphics,
  • editorial and website hints and tips to attract readers or viewers,
  • high resolution photos and bios for the USW International Executive Board,
  • a communicators toolkit of links to assist editors and webmasters,

In addition to our website, members receive:

  • annual press cards for your communication team,
  • a quarterly newsletter loaded with information for communicators,
  • a copy of our code of ethics,
  • a copy of our by-laws,
  • an invitation to the Biennial Conference which offers training workshops, guest speakers and an awards banquet.

We also offer various training programs for editors and communicators.

Basic Editor Training

  • Writing and Editing
  • Layout and Design
  • Mailing and Distribution
  • Laws Concerning Publications

Desktop Computer Training

  • Using Word Art
  • Using Layout Guides
  • Creating a publication from Scratch
  • Designing Pull Quotes and Sidebars
  • Adding and Cropping Pictures
  • Using Borders, Lines and Arrows
  • Checking Your Work with Spell Check
  • Inserting Headers, Footers and Page Numbers

Advanced Editor Training

  • Advocacy Journalism
  • Basics of Feature Writing
  • Persuasive Writing for Campaigns
  • Libel Law and Journalism

Media Training

  • Developing Media Relations
  • Developing a Communications Strategy
  • Defining Audiences
  • Message Development and Discipline
  • Managing Press Events
  • Publicizing Union Activism
  • Developing Story Lines
  • Pitching Stories and Op-eds

There is no annual membership fee for local unions but an application form is required to be filled out and sent in.