Get Involved in Rapid Response: Have a Voice in the Issues Important to Workers

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Rapid Response is a non-partisan, grassroots education and mobilization program that allows Steelworker members to stay informed of legislative issues that impact our working lives. Through this education, we have a direct way of knowing what is taking place in Washington and in our state capitols – and what that means to us. Once we have this knowledge, we can act to make a real difference in shaping policy to benefit workers rather than corporate interests.

The issues impacting Steelworker members are more critical and threatening than ever. Whether it is an attempt to undermine collective bargaining rights, a push to advance trade agreements that ship jobs overseas, or threats to key middle-class sustaining programs like Social Security and Medicare, we have many reasons to be concerned. These policies affect our contracts, wallets, workplaces, and communities while shaping our overall economy.

Steelworkers must engage in the fight to stop bad policy while promoting a better economy that works for all. Rapid Response provides the tools to generate these needed changes by getting educated on the issues and then impacting the legislative process.


Rapid Response provides an opportunity for all Steelworker members to have a voice in government decisions. Every local union should designate a Local Union Coordinator who, along with the President, recruits a Rapid Response Team. Team Members are responsible for distributing InfoAlerts and Feedback Reports, as well as making sure Action Calls are carried out.

Rapid Response takes place during working hours, so it is an ideal program for Steelworker members who want to get more involved with the union, but cannot make additional commitments outside of work hours. For those Rapid Response activists wanting to take part in additional activities outside of the workplace, there are opportunities to attend rallies or events on key issues.


Rapid Response provides the necessary structure to inform every Steelworker member about pending legislation concerning labor and work-related issues. 

All information distributed through Rapid Response identifies the issue as well as its effect on workers and their families. When the timing is right, action is requested. After the action is complete, feedback is given. The following are the three key informational pieces: 

InfoAlerts: InfoAlerts inform members of relevant issues and legislation. Rapid Response Team Members in the workplace should distribute this information and discuss it one-on-one with other union members. 

Action Calls: When action is needed on an issue that affects workers, an Action Call is sent. Action Calls may ask members to write a note, make a phone call, or to take other steps to inform legislators of our positions on issues. 

Feedback Reports: When an action is completed, a Feedback Report is sent out. This report explains the results of the action, including how legislators voted on certain issues and whether or not they supported our position. 


Rapid Response information primarily goes out through email. You can join the email list by contacting your District Rapid Response Coordinator or emailing us at 

You can also sign up for Rapid Response mobile alerts by texting uswrapid to the number 69866. We don’t text often, only when it really counts!

Message and data rates may apply. You can also opt out by texting STOP at any time. 

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