have passed since the President promised in April he’d save USW jobs

As a candidate and after election, President Trump has repeatedly promised he would help save American jobs. But the clock is ticking without any action on steel and aluminum imports from countries like China and Korea. Meanwhile, plants are idle, imports are rising and workers’ jobs are at risk. Every day without action is another day that hurts USW members, our communities and our nation. Please join us in urging the Trump administration to keep its promises!

Sign the Petition

Sign the Petition

Dear President Trump,

We need a strong and comprehensive 232 investigation outcome that protects America’s critical infrastructure and defense needs -- from missiles and munitions to our electric grid, water infrastructure and roads and bridges.

We need a result that also restores America’s capability to build again. A strong steel industry, from the mines to the mills, is the backbone of our country, our infrastructure and our military.

Please keep your promises to America's steel and aluminum workers and don’t let this opportunity pass the country by. I urge you to enact the strongest possible, broadly-based 232 solution without delay.

Thank you 

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