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GOP Defrauds Voters

GOP Defrauds Voters

The GOP is working desperately to deny the right to vote to citizens it doesn’t like. You know, poor people, black people, Hispanic people, old people, female people, especially people it believes are inclined to vote for Democrats. 

Republican politicians have hatched a multitude of schemes in states across the country to accomplish this gambit, passing laws demanding specific voter identification at polling places, eliminating early voting days and purging voters from registration rolls.

The right-wingers on the U.S. Supreme Court last year gave Republicans a hand in this effort by striking down key protections in the Voting Rights Act. Joining them this month were three Republican judges on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

In a rush-job, five-paragraph order issued just hours after the trio heard testimony, the GOP panel overruled a lower court’s 70-page decision and allowed Wisconsin to demand voter ID of 300,000 residents who don’t currently have it for an election that is less than 7 weeks away.

When their hands are pressed on a Bible in court, Republican experts admit they’ve got no evidence of the in-person voter fraud that the GOP claims these laws are intended to prevent. What they’re really intended to prevent is voting by people Republicans detest, the derided “47 percent” that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney spit on. Republicans are robbing citizens of the fundamental right to vote. It’s criminal. It’s fraud that subverts America’s cherished democracy. 

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Campaign 2014: Will Democrats Get the Message?

Robert Borosage

Robert Borosage Co-Director, Campaign for America's Future

As the election heads into its home stretch, regular people start to tune in. In contested states and districts, they have little choice, as their TV shows are overrun with campaign spots, almost all of them negative. Much of what we’ve heard about the election is now in question.

Here’s a brief field guide to the coming weeks:

Voters Aren’t Buying What Republicans are Selling

This should be a Republican year. The incumbent party generally fares poorly in a bi-election in the sixth year of a presidency. The contested Senate seats are virtually all in red states that President Obama lost in 2012. The economy is still lousy, with nearly half of Americans thinking it is still in recession. Two-thirds of the country thinks we are on the wrong track. Obama’s approval numbers are in the pits. Now the president who was getting us out of the mess in the Middle East seems to be dragging us back in.

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How A Sticker In A Store Window Could Push Lawmakers To Increase The Minimum Wage

Bryce Covert

Bryce Covert Economic Policy Editor, Think Progress

How A Sticker In A Store Window Could Push Lawmakers To Increase The Minimum Wage

When you’re hungry, there are many stickers in restaurant windows that may help guide your decision over where to eat: a Zagat rating, a “People love us on Yelp” decal, or even a “1% for the planet” decal. Now you can add another sticker to guide you: one showing that the business supports a higher federal minimum wage.

Business For a Fair Minimum Wage, a coalition of businesses and business groups that support raising the wage to $10.10 an hour, has launched new decals that members can put up in their windows. The stickers proclaim, “This business supports $10.10 federal minimum wage” with the words “Good for business, customers and our economy.” Owners can also order poster-sized signs with a more in-depth message.

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Burn Noticed

Republicans Want to Repeal Obamacare and Deny Citizens This Benefit

Republicans Want to Repeal Obamacare and Deny Citizens This Benefit

Union Matters

Income Inequality: Much Worse Than Imagined

On Sept. 25,  just past, Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s Hardball discussed the Washington Post’s report on income inequality in the United States.  To use the Post’s headline, the pay gap between CEOs and workers is much worse than you realize.

The Post article cites a study by Harvard Business School which found that most Americans believe CEOs make roughly 30 times what the average worker earns.

That’s naïve to the nth degree.  Chief executive officers in the United States actually make more than 350 times what the workers laboring under them take home.  This underestimate, and a lack of a fuller understanding of the gap, is a problem not only on the United States but also in other industrial nations of the world.