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Senate Republicans Vote to Silence Working Americans

Senate Republicans Vote to Silence Working Americans

Senate Republicans voted unanimously last week for elections that are competitions of cash, with candidates who amass the most money empowered to shout down opponents.

The GOP rejected elections that are contests of ideas won by candidates offering the best concepts.

Forty-two Republican Senators on Thursday opposed advancing a proposed constitutional amendment called Democracy for All. It would have ended the one percent’s control over elections and politicians. It would have reversed the democracy-destroying Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions by permitting Congress and state legislatures to once again limit campaign spending. Republicans said no because they favor the system that indentures politicians to wealthy benefactors. 

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How Measuring The Economy Differently Could Increase Gender Equality

Bryce Covert

Bryce Covert Economic Policy Editor, Think Progress

Every three months, the government takes the temperature of the economy by releasing Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, figures. GDP goes up: the economy is supposedly healthy. GDP goes down: there’s a bug (or an all-out contagion, as during the Great Recession).

But GDP — which adds up the value of work being done, widgets created, profits made, money spent by consumers and the government, and things invested and exported — was never meant to accurately assess everything happening in the economy. It was created during the New Deal to see whether the programs were really helping. The creator of the GDP measure itself, Simon Kuznets, warned, “The welfare of a nation can scarcely be inferred from a measurement of national income as defined by the GDP.”

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The Fed Finds an America Deeply Divided

Sam Pizzigati

Sam Pizzigati Editor, Too Much online magazine

Every three years, America’s Federal Reserve Board surveys just how well the nation’s families are doing economically. The Fed takes this surveying seriously.

We’re not talking quickie public opinion polling here, several hundred dinner-time phone calls that last a few minutes each. The over 6,000 interviews the Fed conducts for its Survey of Consumer Finances usually run for an hour and a half, and most get conducted in person. These interviews delve into every aspect of our modern economic existence, from monthly car payments to mutual funds.

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Georgia State Senator Complains That Voting Is Too Convenient For Black People

Josh Israel

Josh Israel Senior Investigative Reporter, Think Progress

Georgia State Senator Complains That Voting Is Too Convenient For Black People

One of Georgia’s largest counties announced last week that it will allow early voting on a Sunday in late October and will open an early voting location in a shopping mall popular among local African-Americans. Concerned that this will lead to higher African-American voter turnout and hurt his party’s dominance, one state lawmaker is speaking out and vowing to stop this easy voting for minority voters.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Tuesday that Georgia state Senator Fran Millar (R) penned an angry response to DeKalb County’s announcement that early voting will be available on Sunday, October 26, and that an early-voting location will be opened at The Gallery at South DeKalb Mall. Millar represents part of the county and is Senior Deputy Whip for the Georgia Senate Republicans.

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Reverse Citizens United! Pass the Democracy for All Amendment!

Reverse Citizens United! Pass the Democracy for All Amendment!

Union Matters

You Be the Judge: Is America Evolving Into a Land of “Representation without Taxation”?

The American Revolution was fought over “Taxation without Representation,” but too many of those who have realized the America Dream the most and should be the most grateful are politicking for “Representation without Taxation,” but not in so many words.

On one hand, they lobby for little or no taxes for themselves, e.g., the elimination of taxes on foreign income, as well as, the elimination of estate and corporate taxes. On the other hand they use their tax savings not to create jobs and a better America but to politick for money empowered speech to hijack the lion’s share of a finite amount of representation for themselves.

To add insult to injury, they call themselves patriots!


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